181 How I would wish that moment to continue, to linger, last, Remain -- my hand will lie by yours for days, months, years, decades, For centuries, millennia, and longer -- with no facts To ascertain, no laws to pass and break -- with no truth, no lies. You will forget your name and mine, the difference between my flesh And yours, my-age-your-age, and that you can remember, can Forget; and only one still thought will stay -- prolonged, delayed -- Rather a thirst -- your need, your urge, necessity, will to taste, Feel, touch, retain my fluid tongue within your dry mouth. I wish That minute to continue. Watching from aside, I see -- For hours, days, weeks, for months and years -- my tongue between your lips, Flowing and flowing slowly deeper, deeper -- behind your ribs.


Confined Verse
Collected Poems