186 To Maria Life is a tavern. Say: 'Cheers!' Say: 'Che-ese!' Everything Ferments, intoxicates – for this, wine would not be enough. Your eyes Mix with the substance of all they lie on until It effervesces, lightens, excites -- transforming to make you drunk. “Cheers!” Water turns into wine when you hold your face To light and feel it dipping under your skin, deep, or when you tread Tuning your motion to jazz motifs in your head -- The harmonies that do not consist of sounds, though you hear them play. 'Che-ese!' Anything is a glass for wine when you spill Yourself out, sparkling in the faces of those you are speaking to -- Saxophone, trumpet and voice, syncopated in Your breath when you are drenched, no -- drowned by the vehemence of the tune.


Confined Verse
Collected Poems