193 Tell me: Better than the building is its blue-print saved from dust and rust. Even better is to turn the blue-print into artifact. Better than the treat is the anticipation of the bite, Saved from dirty plates. It's better just to contemplate, than act -- Saved from toil and tolls, and paying only for the tier and row. Better is the connoisseur of sobbing than the one who sobs. Safer than the victim and the villain is the witness, no -- The maecenas of the syncopation in a blown-out throat. Tell me: Better than to buy, sell, ruin, build, give birth, kill is to play. Better than the actor, playwright, usher, cleaning lady, guard, Agent, and director are spectators. The want to see -- than The performance. And still better is the omen of desire. Better is the threshold than the house. It's better to behold Than to hold the weight in hands, but better still is to foretell. Better than prognosis is its foresight. Better than my voice Is your wait to hear it. And my image hidden in your wait Is better than I am.


Confined Verse
Collected Poems