99 The night is soot -- up to the sky, and smoke -- down to the earth. The night is soot up to my eyes, and smoke down to my throat, I'm cold and I am trembling. I'm lost in the collapsed and burnt to ashes day of glow, In shadows. Miserere. The light is dew -- down to the earth, and dew -- up to the sky. The light is dew down to my threat, and dew up to my eyes ľ The thicker are the shadows To bury me in fissures torn by the rampage of night, In remnants. Miserere. I need your dew up to my eyes, your dew down to my feet. I need your eyes to take my remnants in, your lock of lips -- To hold myself together, The shelter of your thighs -- to hide me, warm me -- to redeem -- To save me. Miserere.


Confined Verse
Collected Poems