10 Self-portrait. Count me. I count. Five, four, three, two, one -- go! I am a mercury number of age -- Two zero zero eight -- Rising up, up, up, up the thermometer, poisonous When let loose. Two thousand Forty-one, Forty-two, Forty-fo... Asphalt burns. Keep me locked. I am a number of birth -- Triple x in equation with symbols, slogans and trademarks In the 24/7 commercial. I am a weight number, height number in the grocery store, Good till June. I am a page number in the codex of law. I am nineteen sixty-three variables in the area code. Calculate me. Break the code. I am an incurable social security number, set On the alarm-clock On the thirteenth floor -- Six-six-six six-six-six six-six-six. Down, down, down, down the stairs -- Thirteen, twelve, eleven, ten... -- I will ring. I am a number of blood sugar On a ticking petite tin bomb Moving around, around, around, around the grid, elbows tense... I will burst. I am an indigenous street digit, In division -- 109 Twenty-five. Divide me, Release. I am an index. Predict me To forgive. I am an apartment number -- An item in the addition, An odd numeral -- To make us even, add me To the lease. I am a number of blood pressure. Multiply me. I am my shoe size number, my dress size number More than my dress itself is. I am a passport number. A fraction. Two-fifth. I am a cell phone number, One eight hundred 9PM to 6AM. I am my car plates number. Identify me. I am my income number 6AM to 9PM. I am my bank account number, Accountable. I am my number of death -- A subtrahend. Subtract me. Count on me. I am.


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