1 Between you and me... (To W.)
2 When next to you... (To W.)
3 Your shadow goes out at night--you would not claim it as your own (To X.)
4 What haunts me... (To W.)
5 Agreed. I'll be today your twenty-first but furtive woman... (To T).
6 To My Casual Lover, XYZ
7 Nobody would care... (To W.)
8 Plants do not grow towards the dark... (To Vl.)
9 Why do I like effeminate men... (To G.)
10 Self-portrait
11 For you, it is a famine that you are feminine... (To G.)
12 Not For Long
13 Mannequin and I
14 Electricity
15 Recycle (to Th.)
16 From Within (To Vl.)
17 On some claustrophobic face...
18 Hail, Savage! (To R.)
19 You tell me you do not deal with losers... (To V.)
20 Slaughter House (a monologue of a butcher)
21 It finally happened...
22 Oh, cherry flower...
23 Commodity
24 My baby came back from the war
25 A man without both arms
26 Two Advertisements
27 Prostitution is not simply when you sleep... (To Y.)
28 In the evening you told me what you had never told anybody... (To V.)
29 To Cai Guo-Qiang
30 I will change my name...
31 You say life is a list of deleted... (To S.)
32 When I see how other women look at you... (To V.)
33 Thursday, May 15, 2008
34 The Flask of Water (Rabbi Ben Petura and Rabbi Akiva in the wilderness)
35 A Rat (To Vl.)


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