16 From Within (To Vl.) From inside your TV; Surrounded left-right-up-down-AM-PM by its non-stop screen; From within The omniscient electricity; From within its benevolent glistening; Traveling with a speed of whim inside its omnipresent bubble; Safely unborn from its omnipotent -- Surrogate-for-everything -- plazma womb; From inside its hyper cocoon transforming you Into every shape by tearing it down into sundust In your customized nuclear reaction; From within a preying high-order alien with high Resolution and definition; From inside the cyber Trojan horse; Deus ex machina; Protected by the high-voltage indifferent to whom it strikes ('Do not put a finger in my mouth! I will bite off the whole hand!'); Behind the fire-wall deaf and blind to the signals from without; Wired to electro-shock; From inside the unreal -- From within the best movie, the best still, the best montage, the best script, From inside the best gangster, the best hero, the best pin-up -- You gloat over the blubbering and screaming of the Cluttered-clattering-down-shattered-shapeless blackout Of the outside. You sneer at the fidgeting and flinching of the real, At its rip-offs.


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