23 Commodity More than to buy and sell I thirst to be bought and sold. I hunger for fame. Fame is not a monument on the square, A page in a textbook To be expected in the future -- A solace of a romantic. In this land of the permanent solstice, Fame is the main form of mass consumption. Fame is the main form of mass hunger. What is the buying of a house in comparison with fame Letting me in the innumerable houses? I crave to be an object on display. The goods for sale. Utility for distribution. An item converted from and into money. Thing on demand. Along with instant coffee, a substance providing instant Satisfaction. An offer creating need. A commodity on the market -- Designed for a consumer, My flesh a brand of bread. By blood a brand of drink. No, I do not dream to be a prodigy. I dream to be a product. 'Made-in' for somebodies from scratch, from raw, in a Wild West, With fabricated identity -- Sorted out, labeled, assigned an item number, Catalogued, certified for safety, given my price, Packed in plastic, shipped in boxes. Imported, exported -- An ocean freight, loaded in and out of A HQ container, Inspected by customs, An inland cargo On cross-country highways -- Advertised, wholesaled, retailed, Good till expiration date, Marked up and marked down, Discounted, Sold out. Buy me!


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