I define my art as Transrealism, for I focus on mutually exclusive spaces simultaneously revealed in one multidimensional visualization.

Vision inside just one dimension is a tunnel vision, whatever dimension it is – figurative, surreal or abstract. To unite them in one image is to unite the world blurred by tears and the world brushed though with the outburst of passion and the world contracted into a defiant scheme of merely a few lines across one’s palm and one’s canvas. To unite them is to create finally a meaningful melody out of a revealed counterpoint, to build a Noah’s Ark.

I uncoil and coil space, bringing it closer to eyes and then moving it off to discover a few horizons where there seemed to be only one; multiple sources of light where there might be only one blinding fluorescent lamp; opposite epochs and emotional states, though the world could be pressed at a time within one spasm in a throat.

A still life can turn into a landscape, and a portrait – into a still life. Multiple spatio-temporal standpoints simultaneously shown behind a canvased surface of a conjuring mirror are the essential parts of one integral revelation filling the conceptual gaps within men, days, and things – gaps left by the teeth of time and misery.

In the clash of realistic, expressionistic, and abstract forms, there emerge the fantastic intermediate forms of the subconscious. I tried to visualize these interim images transforming space into time and time into space, behind my back and now in front of my eyes – to hear the polyphony of reality as it truly exists on all levels simultaneously. To hear what it tries to convey.

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