- MMOMA (Museum of Modern Art, Moscow), Russia
- Harriman Institute, Columbia University
- Duke University Museum of Art, North Carolina, USA
- Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, USA
- Bayly Art Museum, University of Virginia, USA
- “The Other Art” Museum, Moscow, Russia
- Mashkov State Art Museum in Volgograd, Russia
- Andrei Sakharov Museum, Moscow, Russia
- MORA, Museum of Russian Art, New Jersey, USA
- Museum of Contemporary Russian Art of the Foundation of Free Russian Art, Russia, St. Petersburg, Russia
- Kolodzei Collection at the Kolodzei Art Foundation, USA
Art Collection of the Angel Orensanz Art Foundation, NYC, USA
- Prof. Arthur Danto, Columbia University, NYC, USA
- Dr. Norton T. Dodge, Collection of Russian Non-Conformist Art at the Cremona Foundation, USA
- Spazio Tempo Arte, Verona, Italy
- Lida van Dyk, Diplomatic Corps of South African Republic
- Elena Zakharova, City Hall of St. Petersburg, Committee of Culture, Russia
- Prof. Proshina, Government of the Russian Federation, North-West Civil Service Training Center, President of the Society "Memorial" for the victims of Stalinist political repressions, Russia
- Prof. Pigrov, St. Petersburg University, Russia
- Prof. Lackey, CUNY Graduate Center, USA
- "National Cultural House", Interregional Charitable Foundation, Russia and the Former Soviet Union, Russia
- Closed Joint Stock Company "Legion", International, Russia

Paintings of Irene Caesar are in private collections in the US, France, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, and South African Republic.

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