• One-hour interview (and Showcase) for Boris Tenzer, RTV, January 14
  • Group show “Concerning the Spiritual Tradition in Russian Art,” Selections from the Kolodzei Art Foundation Collection, TMORA (Museum of Russian Art in Menneapolis) (Alena Anosova, Edward Bekkerman, Farid Bogdalov, Leonid Borisov, Olga Bulgakova, Oleg Bourov, Irene Caesar, Mihail Chemiakin, Maria Elkonina, Valeriy Gerlovin, Rimma Gerlovina, Dimitry Gerrman, Francisco Infante, Otari Kandaurov, Anton S. Kandinsky, SanSan Kara, Konstantin Khudyakov, Mikhail Koulakov, Yefim Ladyzhensky, Valentina Lebedeva, Tatiana Levitskaia, Sergei Maliutin, Komar and Melamid, Artem Mirolevich, Igor Molochevski, Ernst Neizvestny, Natalia Nesterova, Alexander Ney, Shimon Okshteyn, Vladimir Ovchinnikov, Valeri Pianov, Dmitri Plavinsky, Petr Pushkarev, Oscar Rabin, Eduard Shteinberg, Alexander Sitnikov, Anatolii Slepyshev, Alexi Tyapushkin, Yakov Vinkovetsky, Alexander Zakharov and Gennadii Zubkov, January-May


  • Group Show "ONTIME" representing artworks of the nominees for The LomonosovArt Prize, yearly awarded by the Moscow University, named after M. V. Lomonosov, for the Intellectual Achievements in Art, Gallery LomArt, Sub-department "Aesthetics: Art Business", Philosophy Department, Moscow University, October 12-14
  • Solo show “Anthropretation”, the Harriman Institute, Columbia University, New York, September 13-October 12
  • Group show “Triumph of Caissa: Dedication to Marcel Duchamp”, The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, May 19-June 3
  • Group Show “Shadow-Lands: the Suffering Image”, Dennys Lascelles Gallery, Deakin University, Australia (curated by Gavin Keeney): “Last Breath” by Irene Caesar (video and studio-quality photographs of a performance staging the waterboarding of Matvey Krylov, an opposition activist, who created the opposition motto “We will not Forget! We will not Forgive!”):
  • Public Lecture and video presentation of the art project “Irene Caesar: Antropretation” at the Second International Festival of Culture “Aqua-Fest”, Sukhum, Abkhazia, May: http://apsnypress.info/news/6364.html
  • http://youtu.be/KnWkeLZfjwk
  • Solo show "THE ARTWORLD: Arthur Danto’s Conceptual History in the Role Games of an Absurdist Irene Caesar" (April 10-21) with Irene Caesar’s Performance "ART INTEGRATION: 300 Color Balls to Damien Hirst" with the participation of the students of the Moscow State University at the Moscow Center of Photography, produced by the Philosophy Department (Sub-department “Aesthetics: Art business’) of the Moscow University, April 10-21. The performance (on April 10th, 2012) included the presentation in Moscow of Irene Caesar’s performance with Arthur Danto "Arthur Danto contributes to Damien Hirst's Spot Paintings" (2010) as a video installation. The exhibit included the presentation of Irene Caesar’s video dialogue with Arthur Danto "Irene Caesar asks Arthur Danto about the End of Art" (2010). One of the participants of the performance was Sergey Dzikevich, the head of the Sub-department "Aesthetics: Art Business," Philosophy Department, Moscow University. Performance became Irene Caesar's response to Damien Hirst's global exhibit of his "Spot Paintings" in 2012:
  • http://www.foto-expo.ru/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=388:the-artworld&catid=1:2011-03-04-16-48-19
  • Art Fair Realisme, in Amsterdam, represented by Eduard Planting Gallery, January
  • In January, 25 of Irene Caesar artworks entered the collection of MMOMA (Museum of Modern Art, Moscow); and 11 artworks entered the collection of the Museum “The Other Art,” Moscow
  • In April, 12 artworks by Irene Caesar entered the collection of the Mashkov State Art Museum in Volgograd, Russian Federation, including the triptych “God Alexander Melamid performs three Sacred Rituals: Baptism, Communion, and Blessing”, done in co-authorship with him
  • Series of lectures “Problems of Identification and Interpretation of Contemporary Art” and slide show of Irene Caesar’s recent art projects at the Philosophy Department of the Moscow University, Sub-department “Aesthetics: Art-business”, Russian Federation (February-March). In the framework of the series of lectures, Irene Caesar made public her “Manifesto Death of Postmodernism” as a public lecture, published by the Moscow University as a video on its web site:
  • http://s5a8d.livejournal.com/44802.html
  • Public Lecture and video installation by Irene Caesar "People of Art as Objects of Art," Moscow Department of Culture, Department of Culture of the Central Administrative District, Moscow State Institution of Culture, Exhibition Hall "Gallery A3", Moscow, February 2012





  • Grant Gallery, SoHo, NY


  • Charitable Auction for the Benefit of the Victims of Bislan, Ossetia, Grant Gallery, SoHo, NY


  • Grant Gallery, SoHo, NY
  • Salon 2000, Limner Gallery, NY


  • "Original Viewing - Nudes", The National Arts Club, NY
  • "The Instant Between Past & Future", Jacob Javits Federal Building, by "Nike" Gallery, NY


  • Bolivar Galleries, Washington, DC


  • Berman - E.N. Gallery, SoHo, NY
  • First North American Russian Council & Women’s National Republican Club, Charitable Art Auction Benefit, NY   Catalogue
  • New York Open Center, SoHo, NY   Catalogue*
  • Chuck Levitan Gallery, SoHo, NY   Catalogue*


  • Club of the Occidental Petroleum, Ltd., St. Petersburg, Russia*


  • The Museum of History of St. Petersburg University, Russia*
  • "Neva News" Newspaper, St. Petersburg, Russia*


  • Russian Museum, The Marble Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia


  • St. Petersburg City Hall (The Days of the August Putsch), The Constituent Conference of the Free Democratic Party of Russia*
  • Fon Dervitz Palace of Culture, The Center of Russian Art, St. Petersburg, Russia*
  • The Museum of History of St. Petersburg, Russian-French Exhibition, Russia


  • The Museum of Contemporary Russian Art of the Foundation of Free Russian Art, an Opening Exhibition in St. Petersburg, the Exhibition all over Russia


  • Festival of Contemporary Music in St. Petersburg, Russia*
  • Palace of Students of St. Petersburg University, Russia*
  • Gorky Palace of Culture, Festival of the Central Newspaper "Smena", St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Department of Philosophy, St. Petersburg University, Russia*


  • University Competition of Graphic Art at the Exhibition of Drawings, St. Petersburg University, Russia
*  Solo-Exhibitions

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